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Fluoropolymer (PTFE) and Metal Tubular Heaters and Controls
that Outshine the Rest

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HeatStar Systems FLUOROPOLYMER IMMERSION HEATERS are Low Watt density-10 Watts per Square Inch and are fully grounded. They are equipped with an Over-Temperature Cut-Off sensor or switch. FLUOROPOLYMER IMMERSION HEATERS offer superior acid resistance and are fabricated with 30 Mils of PTFE over the Stainless Steel Heater Element.

1. Immersion Heater Designs offered:

  1. Bayonet Straight Over- the-Tank Designs
  2. "L" Style Shallow Tank Models
  3. Flat "Pancake" Low Profile Designs
  4. Custom Designs—with Gooseneck Terminal Box; Other Shapes Available

2. Industries & Applications

FLUOROPOLYMER IMMERSION HEATERS are designed to meet demanding requirements for heating acid processes for the Metal Finishing Industries and for Electroplating. This includes industries such as:

  1. Medical Device Chemical Process heating
  2. Electropolishing
  3. Printed Circuit Boards
  4. Acid Pickle
  5. Wire Plating or Finishing
  6. Precious Metal Finishing

HeatStar Systems METAL TUBULAR IMMERSION HEATERS are now available. METAL TUBULAR IMMERSION HEATERS can be designed and formed to meet specific tank dimensions and their liquid level requirements. These METAL TUBULAR IMMERSION HEATERS are equipped with over-temperature-cut-off sensors or switches. Varying watt densities are available to meet the heating requirements of various chemical processes.

  1. Immersion Metal Tubular Heater Sheath Material Choices:
    1. 304 Stainless Steel
    2. 316 Stainless Steel
    3. Incoloy
    4. Titanium
  2. Immersion Metal Tubular Heater Styles:
    1. Bayonet Straight-Over-the Tank
    2. "L"—Shallow Tank
    3. "W" Flat/Thin Profile
    4. Flanged & Threaded Head (Contact Factory for Details)
    5. Custom Designs
  3. Industries & Applications:
    These METAL TUBULAR IMMERSION HEATERS are designed to meet the demanding requirements for non-acid Metal Finishing & Electroplating Processes. Other industries included are:
    1. Anodizing
    2. Medical Device Chemical Processes
    3. Cleaning Technologies
    4. Oil Heating Applications
    5. Chemical Storage
  4. Popular Heater Uses: (Stainless Steel)
    1. Rinse Water
    2. Alkaline Cleaners
    3. Caustics
    4. Cyanides
    5. Dyes
    6. Phosphates
  5. Popular Heater Uses: (Titanium)
    1. Industrial Chemical Applications (Mild Acids, Chlorides)
    2. Deionized Water
    3. Fish Farming & Aquaculture
    4. Sea Water

HeatStar Systems also offers CONTROLS:

  1. Digital Controls
  2. Non-Digital (Dial Set) Controls
  3. Conductivity Liquid Level Controls
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